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From Desk Look to Dinner Look

From Desk Look to Dinner Look

Have you ever been in a situation where you are caught up with work the entire day but have a fun party to attend at night? Well, we have all been there. Tossing between a professional look while we are sitting with our work peers or rocking our power-point presentations and wanting to flaunt our chic personalities sipping wine with our darling girlfriends. It’s no surprise that adulting can sometimes involve us juggling between two events with literally no time to change our outfits.

For all those beautiful and busy women out there, it’s time to take a back seat and relax. You have come to the right place. Going forward, we present you a few tips as to how you can ace both your looks, that is, office wear and evening wear, effortlessly, with the same outfit.

To make the transition from desk look to dinner look, it’s essential to choose an attire that would suit both the events equally. To help you make your choices easy, we have picked this gorgeous pink shirt from our women's shirt collection. Curated with exclusively worked cool tones like baby pink, light blue, and white, they can be paired with bright-colored bottoms to create a contrasting look.

First, let us start with creating a sleek look for the office-wear: To own a shirt that looks classy and is exceptionally comfortable to wear for a hectic day is all we wish for. This pink shirt from Los Polistas featured with a collar neck with button placket, a logo on the left panel, and three fourth sleeves is a perfect fit for all your long-day-no-time-to-chill aka hustling activities.

Desk Look

Wear it with high-waist dark blue denim jeans and a pair of smart loafers. To create a neater look, you can choose to tuck in the shirt inside the jeans. (Fun fact – Tucking shirts in can make you look taller).

That was about styling the outfit, there lies another imperative aspect to look presentable, and that is hair and make-up. For a subtle office look, tie your hair into a sleek pony, go for a nude shade lipstick, and a BB cream accompanied with a kohl kajal under your eyes. The entire idea is to look put together without going overboard. You are all set to feel confident and reach your targets of the day.

Speaking of the real action, where you require to ultimately go from Forbes India to Vogue India, with the same shirt, well, you know you can do it.

Dinner Look

Pull out that shirt from the denim and make a knot on your waist by opening the last two buttons. You can also choose to pull out just one side and keep the other side tucked in, giving it an edgy appearance. As you are already wearing high-waist blue denim, you don’t have to worry about the outfit looking awkward or being uncomfortable. Carry along an extra pair of footwear and switch to black heels from black loafers. If you are going to have a chilly night, top the shirt with a cropped denim jacket. A denim jacket is a classic piece that we all own in our collection and can easily pull off no matter what season it is. Also, who can say no to a denim on denim look, right?

Coming to the game-changer, that is make-up and hair, let your gorgeous hair down and put on a dark shade lipstick. You can opt for a red or burgundy matte lipstick to create a bold look or put on a rosy pink if you wish to keep it subtle yet stylish. Wash off the kajal and switch to eye-liner. Lastly, don’t forget to carry a compact yet cool sling bag leaving the tote bag back in your office.

Voilaaa. Just with a few simple tricks, you are ready to have a ball time with your friends without worrying about looking too boring among the crowd.

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