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One shirt – Three ways!

One shirt – Three ways!

Having tons of clothes can be cool, but you know what’s cooler? Having a few versatile pieces in your wardrobe that can be worn multiple times and on various occasions.

Also, being active on social media, you know the fashion industry is slowly but enormously paving a path for a sustainable future. Name any big fashion brand, and the marketing managers are busy promoting their environment-friendly campaigns. And while the millennials are totally supporting the cause, it’s time that we come forward to do our bit too.

Wait, does that mean we stop shopping? Duh, Of course not. We know your immense love for fashion, so putting an end to it is not really a solution. However, it would be wiser to pick items that you know are a complete investment. Now it may sound cliché, choosing quality over quantity is the primary key.

So, to make that a little easy for you, Los Polistas presents to you a stylish and multipurpose shirt that can be worn in three different ways on three different occasions.

A relaxed outfit for Holiday!

There is something special about the summer beach holidays. The time when the waves touch our feet and the beautiful sun rays slowly kiss our face feels like the most blissful moment of our lives. The entire experience is even more enjoyable when we dress right.

For an easy-going beach look, wear this grey shirt from Los Polistas featured with a mandarin collar, button placket, and an embroidered logo on the left panel. It offers a comfortable fit, making it perfect for a casual outing. Create a modish look by pairing it with classy beige chino shorts and black loafers. To add a pop of color, go for a pair of green wayfarer sunglasses.

A formal outfit for work!

To achieve total productivity at work, the first step is to look crisp while working. It sets the right mood for you to get into the boss mode and get things done like no other. For a neat formal outfit, grab this grey shirt from Los Polistas and in shirt it with well-fitted formal navy-blue stripe trousers. Team it up with a pair of black leather brogues to complete the look.

A casual outfit for weekend!

After a long and tiring week at the office, all you look forward to is a good time with your loved ones on the weekend. They are meant to be stress-free, fun, and relaxed. However, it’s essential to look stylish even while you are lounging.

For a cool weekend look, grab this grey shirt and style it with a clean look dark-blue denim. Roll the sleeves up for a comfortable movement. For shoes, there’s no better option than a pair of smart white sneakers that are known to be an all-time favorite.

Hope the above tips were helpful to you. Stay tuned to this space for many more exciting fashion tips.

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